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How to validate your business idea!

Ever had this great idea? Not sure if it would sell? Before you invest time and money into the concept, check to see if there’s an interest for it...

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We’ve Moved into our Recording Studio!

Falan discovers the pains of setting up a recording studio in her new house. She also explains why she resigned her chef position with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Falan then...

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Constructive Feedback how to give it and how to receive it!

In this episode Falan offers an impromptu view on feedback she received on a free e-course she offered that isn’t clear on what she could do to improve it....

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Setting Boundaries for Success

Falan quickly discusses how to set boundaries so that those closest to you doesn’t hinder you from your success and goal setting. Also we invite you to join us...

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In this episode, Falan discusses isolation. She explains how she disappears from friends, family and lovers to focus on her entrepreneurial goals. Why she opts to not take a...

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Support-less Business Startups ; What to do when it hurts to go to work on Monday!

Want to start a business but overwhelmed? No clue where to start? No extra income to hire the pros? Falan has been through harsh lessons time and time again....

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