In this episode, Falan interviews Certified Hypnotherapist Norman Plotkin. Falan is intrigued in hiring Norman to help her completely forget a man she has hopelessly loved the last few years. In order to move on, let go and be fully present in her upcoming new relationship, she searches to find a capable therapist who specializes in a very specific practice that is in alignment with her spirituality.

Certified Hypnotherapist, author, coach and former healthcare policy lobbyist Norman Plotkin helps people: cut through the mystery of their subconscious programming; appreciate the nuances of a natural, ancient process for reprogramming thoughts; understand how hypnosis works; and how it can change people’s lives. Author of Take Charge of Your Cancer and Master Mind Master Life. Plotkin speaks on hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind, mindfulness and meditation, esoteric healing, collective consciousness as well as ascension, esoterica from the ancient mystery teachings of hermeticism, tarot and more.

So, will Norman be able to help Falan completely forget a past lover? Listen to find out……

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