In this episode, I candidly explain how divulging my business income online made me a target from people I actually know. I wanted to so much to help single moms thrive as I have suffered as a single mom for more than a decade.

In my efforts to show PROOF that you can build a profitable virtual business fast, jealous people planned their attack on me. I was sued bogusly and scammed from a fake marketing person I knew nearly a decade. It is IMPORTANT that you STOP telling people your business online and to your friends and family. YOUR INCOME IS BETWEEN YOU, THE CPA YOU HAVE AND THE IRS. This is the reason why I am not on social media. When I return, if ever, It will be a fan page monitored. THIS episode is my truth, my pain, my shame. I learned the hard way…. At least I have my life… for now. Just know, I am being targeted online by known and unknown people seeking to do me harm. Please understand that being a Media Personality is my INCOME stream and this safety concern has compromised my mental health. Fortunately, I have been able to rely on my skills to pivot instantly when I need to regroup, stabilize and disappear. Let me explain. My lifestyle as a domestic violence survivor has taught me unbelievable survival skills and how to compartmentalize information to remain level headed. I can DETACH, and FEEL NO PAIN and remain in this survival mode for months if not years. I CAN become robotic on cue. I have been in communication with the FBI and reported my cyber stalker. My attorneys are actively recouping lost funds if at all possible. I have spent most of my life fighting for my very life and NOW I have positioned myself well to have a team to fight for me. LET ME BE CLEAR…… I AM A SURVIVOR!!!!!

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