In this episode Falan kicks off Domestic Violence Awareness Month with Sonia Frontera who authored the latest book STOP THE HURT /PON FIN AL ABUSO pamphlet a quick guide to recognizing the signs of abuse and how to exit safely.

Growing up, Sonia always wanted to have a sister. She discovered, later in life, that the best way to have a sister is to be one. Through her book series The Sister’s Guides to Empowered Living, Sonia vows to inspire and empower readers around the world.

Sonia is a divorce lawyer, empowerment trainer and author. The owner of Frontera Law in Lambertville, N.J., she offers forward-thinking legal solutions to help individuals end their marriages amicably and navigate the immigration maze.

The author of Relationships Solutions: Effective Strategies to Heal Your Heart and Create the Happiness You Deserve, Sonia offers practical advice and hope to people whose lives have been upended by marital troubles, teaching them how to dissolve their obstacles to happiness and create fulfilling lives.

Sonia is the survivor of a toxic marriage who has been happily re-married for 14 years. Through the years, she has supported domestic violence survivors as an advocate, speaker and empowerment trainer. She is a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and offers inspirational workshops and retreats.

Sonia is a compulsive knitter who is happiest hanging out at her New Jersey country home with her husband and their three street-dogs-turned-princesses.

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