Support-less Business Startups ; What to do when it hurts to go to work on Monday!

Want to start a business but overwhelmed? No clue where to start? No extra income to hire the pros?

Falan has been through harsh lessons time and time again. Working corporate jobs she hated while dreaming up ways to break free. She worked so much overtime and was too tired to work on her own business afterwards. Until the pandemic allowed her to stay home and put a real plan together. Falan started many businesses over the last 15 years because she could not focus on ONE thing to concentrate and see it through.

The reality is YES you can do it by yourself but it takes TIME. In order to get some quick wins Falan shares some of what she did in 30 days to launch her first ever 6 figure company.

To sign up for her 48 HR Entrepreneur Master Class late January please email or message us on any of our social media platforms. We are everywhere you want to be and growing!

~Vivid Vortex Media Team

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· Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.

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